Mixed Up

by Boykie

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Lately I’ve been mixed up in this messed up state of mind.
With these feelin’s upon feelin’s that stop me reachin' my prime, they’ve got me tangled in vines.
Cause every issue I fiiiiiiiiiind…

Is from these voices that say don’t try hard just cruise through, if it sucks it ain’t that bad cause there’s nothing that you could do.
Oh wait yes there is you could do quite a lot, ah you could try for once at anything and help serve the plot.
And maybe then you’ll succeed but you’re afraid to lose, afraid that your best wont be good enough so you start to muse.
You trick yourself into thinking that your average is the best of you.
Nothing could be further from the truth.

Nothing but the bare min… would or could possibly… ever do, toora loo.
What a mess, nah that’s toora loora loo.

Raising the scale, giving those bad thoughts a veil.
It took Mum to tell you it’s all right to fail.
Pick yourself up and learn to sail on through into deeper waters, raising sons and daughters, making slaughters of these voices in my mind.
It should be a crime to not reach your potential and let these sour thoughts halt your essential positive state of mind and attitude, the one that raised you.

That said you could do or be anything that you set your mind to.
Through the roof I raised you, “love from your Mom” that’s toora loo.

What a mess.
Ah man what a mess!
What a mess, nah that’s toora loora loo.

Well I’m-a get that girl, yeah I’m-a get that gir-iwerr-l.
Uh uh uuuh.
Mamma I’m-a get that girl, yeah I’m-a get that gir-iwerrr-l.
Nah man it’s toora loo.
Nah man it’s toora looooooooooooo!!

What a mess.
Ah nah what a mess!
What a mess, nah that’s toora loora loo.

And I’ll just reply… with a siiiiiigh-igh-iiiigh.
But this one’s for your grandma bear.


released March 8, 2016
Written by Sam Stopforth & Arranged with Ben French, Andrew Siffleet and Isaac Diamond.
Recorded and Mixed by Andy Lawson at Debaser Studios.
Mastered by Will Bowden.

Sam Stopforth - Vocals / Guitar
Ben French - Lead Guitar
Andrew Siffleet - Bass
Isaac Diamond - Drums / Backing Vocals

Single Artwork - Sam Stopforth
Album Artwork - Perry McLaughlan of Perrywinkle Photography.
Additional edits - Adam McDowell of TheNotoriousDOWIncorporated.

All Rights Reserved Boykie Music 2016 ©



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Boykie Perth, Australia

“What a tasty lil pop nugget. This rules!”
- Max Quinn, Triple J

Feast your earholes on Boykie, an indie grunge powerhouse from Perth, Western Australia who have been making some srs nautical numbers in their local pocket of the country since early 2016.

Members: Sam Stopforth, Ben French, Andrew Siffleet, Isaac Diamond & Chris Young

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